Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did you lose wireless access on a laptop?
Try pressing the wireless key next to F12 it should be blue if your wireless is accessible.

2. Microsoft Essentials is giving me problems.
Try uninstalling & then reinstalling the software.

3. My computer has a red screen and indicates that my keyboard and mouse are locked. How do I unlock my keyboard and mouse? Is there anything I can do to stop this from occurring?
Click on the following link, and follow the instructions in the document to 1)unlock your computer and 2)Upgrade Smartshield 2.1 on your computer to fix the problem with SmartShield Red Screen messages after a scheduled Windows Update.

4. Our library computers have Centurion Technologies SmartShield installed on them. Who can I contact to find out about pricing for additional licenses for other computers in my library?
Centurion Technologies Promotion for Purchase of Additional SmartShield Licenses: Centurion Technologies is offering a special price for their Smart Shield & Smart Control software exclusively for Nebraska libraries receiving the LBBNC Grant. Libraries involved with the LBBNC grant can choose to order additional Centurion SmartShield & Smart Control licenses for non-LBBNC The pricing offer is a 30% discount off of the MSRP price for the software. An Account Management fee is also offered and that includes the availability of new updates within the product version the grant library has purchased and tech support available for a one-year period*.

The cost breakdown is

Quantity MSRP Price 1 to 25

$44.00/lic + 20% AM* 26 to 100 $37.50/lic + 20% AM*

* The LBBNC grant computers include a 3 year maintenance fee (AM). If a LBBNC grant library is interested in a 3 year AM it can be setup on an individual basis by contacting Phil. The 3 year maintenance agreement will save a library 6 months of AM fees; 3-year agreement is calculated at 2.5 times the annual cost.

Pricing for 1-25 Centurion Technologies Smartshield (standalone) licenses

30.80 + 8.80 = 39.60 (1 year AM) per license 30.80 + 22.00 = 52.80 (3 year AM) per license

This special offer is provided through Centurion Technologies, Inc and all contact should be directed to: Centurion Technologies, Inc Attn: Phil Simeone, Sales Manager 512 Rudder Road Fenton, MO 63026 800-224-7977 toll free 636-349-5431 fax

5. Where can I find out about the warranty coverage for our library’s LBBNC grant HP computers, printers and scanner?
HP warrenty information for LBBNC grant equipment can be found on the NCL website page,

6. My computer has a non-recoverable error. What steps do I take to rebuild my computer?
To recover your computer you need to re-install your computer’s operating system. If you do not have recovery disks available for your disabled computer, contact HP Support at 800-952-7689 to order the HP Recovery Disks for your computer. You will need to gather specific information prior to making this call. HP Support personnel will need the information provided detailed at this link:
After you have submitted your order, the HP recovery disk will arrive at your library in 2-4 days.

7. Where can I find helpful materials, like user guides, for my LBBNC equipment?
There are a number of resources including users guides for the LBBNC equipment located at the following link,

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