Online Computer Training Resources

What a wonderful resource for library customers that want to learn basic computer skill through short, self-directed tutorials! And what a great help to library staff when a computer skills class is not the answer. continues to post additional instructional modules.

Lots of great sharing going on at the Technology Planning Summer Camp including the following links to online training resources for library customers using the public access computers (HINT: also great for library staff training):

Also see the newspaper article at: for an idea that Columbus Public Library put into action. Even if you are not in the Central Community College district, it might be possible to work out this kind of deal with the community college system that serves your area.

Recorded Entrepreneurship Webinars Now Available

To view recorded webinars designed especially for libraries presented by the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship and Growing Local Economies, Inc., please use the following links:

May 24, 2012: Attracting Youth Home to Rural Nebraska, by Craig Schroeder:

July 26, 2012: Economic Development…Communities & Libraries, by Don Macke:

August 15, 2012: Creating an Entrepreneur-Friendly Library, by Christine Hamilton Pennel:

Please share resources that you have found/used by clicking on comment below.

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