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Contracts are complete for computer classes to begin in Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities libraries in public libraries in the Mid-Plains Community College area. Initial menus of classes are listed below. These (Free-of-charge) classes are designed for your library customers, but of course library staff are invited to attend AND you are always welcome to invite library staff from neighboring libraries.

Computer-Related Training Session Options @ your library®

Provided by Mid-Plains Community College

(Through a contract with the Nebraska Library Commission and available at “Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities” participating libraries within the Mid-Plains Community College service area)

To schedule a training session at your library, contact Angela Raby, Mid-Plains Community College 308-535-3687 or rabya@mpcc.edu.

Training is available through March 31, 2013 while funds last. There is a possibility that training could be extended through June 30, 2013 based on available funds.

All costs, to include fees and materials, will be covered through an existing contract between MPCC and NLC. This means that any session you may schedule with the college at your library will be at no cost to the library or to the student.

If the Library would like to have an advertisement placed in the newspaper (classified ads—in the want ads section) to be paid directly by the Nebraska Library Commission’s grant funds, please call JoAnn McManus in advance to work on placement.

Note: When the library or the college promotes any training program scheduled through this opportunity, please acknowledge the funding source by using the following language: “This project was supported in part by the Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as administered by the Nebraska Library Commission.”

Participating LBBNC libraries who may work with Mid-Plains Community College to schedule no cost computer-related training sessions available to both staff and patrons include:

Bartley – Bartley Public Library

Benkelman – Dundy County Library

Broken Bow – Broken Bow Public Library

Callaway – Nigel Sprouse Memorial Library

Culbertson – Culbertson Public Library

Curtis – Klyte Burt Memorial Library

Grant – Hastings Memorial Library

Imperial – Lied Imperial Public Library

Indianola – Indianola Public Library

McCook – McCook Public Library

Mullen – Hooker County Library

North Platte – North Platte Public Library

Ogallala – Goodall City Library

Paxton – Paxton Public Library

Sargent – Sargent Township Library

Sutherland – Sutherland Public Library

Thedford – Thomas County Library

Trenton – Trenton Public Library

Valentine – Valentine Public Library

To discuss or schedule a training session at your library, contact Angela Raby, Mid-Plains Community College 308-535-3687 or rabya@mpcc.edu. For other information, contact JoAnn McManus, Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities Project Manager, Nebraska Library Commission (402) 471-4870 joann.mcmanus@nebraska.gov

Possible Training Sessions Available
Name of Training Topic Number of Class Contact Hours
Microsoft Office Applications:  
MS Excel – Basic 4
MS Excel Formulas & Functions (Must have already taken the Basic course) 5
MS Excel – Intermediate 8*
MS Excel – Advanced 8*
MS PowerPoint – Basic 4
MS PowerPoint – Advanced 8*
MS Publisher – Basic 8*
MS Publisher – Advanced 8*
MS Word-Basic 4
MS Word -Intermediate 8*
MS Word – Advanced 8*
Note: MS Class Contact Hours can be adjusted on an individual basis between the College and the library director
Specialty Topics:  
Computer Basics 2.5
Internet Basics 3
E-mail Basics 3
twitter 2
Ebay 4
Facebook 2
Groupon 2
Linkdin 2
Pinterest 2
How to upload pictures 2
Readit 2
Online Services: Taxes 2
Online Services: Shopping 2
Online Services: Bill Paying 2
Online Services: Driver’s License 2
WordPress 2
Blogger 2
HeritageQuest 4
Prezi I 4
Prezi II 4
Meet the Kindle 4
Meet the iPad 4
Microsoft 2010 “Ribbon” 4

NOTE: Some topics can be offered with a range of instructional hours, based on the desire of the library and the needs of the community.

Course descriptions are attached.MidPlainsCourseDescriptions

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