Nebraska Department of Labor

Nebraska Department of Labor

The Nebraska Department of Labor works to cultivate quality workers in quality workplaces through collaborative partnerships with employment services, training, education, temporary income continuation, safety related programs, and labor market information. The forms and information found on are designed to assist Nebraska citizens in workforce, education, and economic development activities and to promote and encourage high-growth and high-wage employment opportunities. Department of Labor staff work directly with workers and employers across the state and look forward to providing training and building “virtual workforce offices” in libraries across Nebraska.

For more information contact Buffy Cranford,, 402-471-0284.

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  • Mary Jo Ryan says:

    A great resource for job hunters in the library is, the NE Department of Labor self-help Website with services for Job Seekers (Find a Job, Create a Resume, etc.) and services for Employers (Find a Candidate, Post Job Openings, etc.).

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