EveryoneOn: Nebraska Campaign for Digital Literacy


EveryoneOn in Nebraska Campaign

EveryoneOn, a 3-year national public service campaign to promote digital literacy launched on March 21, 2013

The project: A media blitz will inform the public that by going through the EveryoneOn website,  Nebraskans can find free computer training in their area. This free training is offered by public libraries and other entities all over America.

The message: “Do one thing better online”

The Goal: Harness the digital opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race, income, geography, or education.

Objective: To promote the importance of digital literacy skills and motivate individuals and families to access free community resources and training through their local public library.

  • Who: Public Libraries in Nebraska.
  • Target audience: Adults, age 23+, with limited or no online experience. But really, everyone on. No matter the age or experience.
  • What: Offer Internet access and computer training to to residents of your community, and bring people into the library through the ads run by the Ad Council and the Nebraska Library Commission.
  • Where: Training online or at your local library; ads in the media.
  • When: Beginning Spring 2013, for 3 years. Launch date: March 21, 2013. “3-2-1 everyone on.” On 3/21 in future years, there will be a digital learning days around the nation.
  • Why: Libraries will teach people to use computers and raise awareness of the importance the public library in providing free public access to technology and training–building stronger communities and stronger libraries.

 The Nebraska Library Commission is excited about EveryoneOn and what we all can do for the citizens of Nebraska. Public libraries are fundamental to the success of this effort because of your demonstrated commitment to providing free access to the Internet as well as to improving people’s skills (computer skills, using e-books and audiobooks, applying for jobs online, and more).

Resources to help libraries participate:

30 minute webinar on the EveryoneOn program, by Connect 2 Compete

National presentation telling key details of the program, by Connect 2 Compete

See the Connect2Compete website for more information

First Steps

1. Access training sites and see if your library is listed, making sure all info is up to date. It is pre-populated on a national level, so it is likely there. Be sure to fill in any missing information with their online form, such as # of computer stations, wifi available, free digital literacy training courses, skill levels taught, etc.

2. If an agency in your area is not listed but offers free computer training or public internet access, encourage them to put information on the site. This especially applies to local community based organizations and those serving Spanish-speaking groups and other special populations.

3. Since every public library in Nebraska is listed, think about the computer training you now offer. Is it focused on computer skills? How to search and apply for jobs online? Internet safety? How do you help answer questions and solve problems on an individual basis  ? Is there something more you’d like to teach? Does the training work best via one-on-one assistance or in groups?

4. How can you get the word out in your community about what computer training you offer? Highlight it on your website? Your facebook page? A poster or flyer?

5. How can you help prepare staff and volunteers to respond to library customer  questions prompted by the ad campaign?

March 21, 2013 Kickoff

This is a multi-year effort. There is no obligation for any library/organization to have to do specific activities related to the campaign on 3/21. Media outreach will build throughout the year and efforts will continue through 2014. The campaign is national, and all media outlets will be invited to use the PSAs to promote the importance of digital literacy in local communities.

On 3/21/13, general public services announcements (PSAs), including TV, radio, print, billboard and mobile PSAs, will be distributed to media across the country to voluntarily air/display as part of their commitments to public service. But initially, the thrust of the EveryoneOn campaign will focus on a few markets, then expanded to other regions–launch events will be hosted by C2C in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia, (these will kick off the national campaign). The content captured at these events will be used to create additional PSAs that will become available later in year one—a strategy aimed at establishing personal relevance in the most effective manner.


Campaign PSA components will include TV, radio, print, billboard and mobile PSAs directing people to the EveryoneOn.org website, a mobile text short code, and a 1-800# to help people locate free digital literacy training classes and online training resources.

A social media effort focused on the digital newbie is planned. The hope is that as digital training happens, trainees will be signing up for Facebook and be encouraged to “like” EveryoneOn on Facebook as a first step. The objective is to provide digital newcomers, both those who are already using social media (and the Internet for entertainment purposes) and those experiencing it for the first time, with a community that they feel comfortable engaging with to connect to valuable resources, share stories and ask questions as they become further involved in the campaig

Computer Training for the Public

DigitalLearn.org is a new tool and resource for digital literacy support managed by the Public Library Association with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The Goodwill Foundation’s excellent, free computer learning resources, http://www.gcflearnfree.org

DigitalLiteracy.gov has tools in tabs for trainers, job seekers, and basic digital literacy.

Microsoft Digital Literacy offers several arrays of course packages that include a variety of digital training topics:

  • The Basic curriculum covers the value of computers and the Internet in our society, as well as how to use a mouse and keyboard.
  • The Standard curriculum is organized in several flavors, depending on the operating system and software package (they are oriented to Microsoft products, but cover general concepts).
  • The Advanced curriculum includes four courses that cover creating an e-mail account, writing a resume, finding and evaluating sources on the Web, and using social networking.

The Beehive’s Digital Basics offers Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced videos and instruction to help people learn to use computers and the Internet safely and effectively.

Nebraska libraries that are part of the Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities Project can schedule computer skills classes, taught by Nebraska community college teachers at no charge to the library or the library customers–with no minimum class size. See ./ — click on the community college in your area for details.

Additional online computer training resources are listed on this blog at ./?page_id=8 — more will be added as identified.

Resources for Libraries

  • The EveryoneOn website includes a training locator tool to help users find free digital literacy training courses, public computer access, and/or WiFi hotspots in their area, which includes public libraries and all participating partners such as Goodwill International, 4H, public computer centers, and American Job Centers.
  • The EveryoneOn website features an online toolkit/resource center with training materials, instructional guides for localizing the EveryoneOn campaign, PSAs, social media, PR materials, and downloadable campaign collateral (brochures, posters, etc.). These materials are print ready and customizable for any library.
  • Throughout the year, libraries will be able to share their digital literacy training stories (successes, photos, videos) with EveryoneOn through a simple submission page on the website. Stories will then be shared with the rest of the nation through EveryoneOn’s various social media channels. This is a powerful opportunity to highlight libraries as trusted training and access points — we encourage you to share your stories as the program develops!
  • Premium materials will be available through EveryoneOn for special events:
    • small, fun giveaways; e.g., USB flash drives, t-shirts, stickers, pens, mouse pads, bookmarks;
    • informational and promotional materials (preprinted posters, palm cards, postcards, table tents, brochures);
    • window clings

The Nebraska Library Commission will help to publicize the EveryoneOn collaboration between  Connect2Compete (C2C), the American Library Association, the Public Library Association, the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS), OCLC, the Ad Council, and many private corporations.

Questions? Contact:

Mary Jo Ryan, Communications Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission, The Atrium, 1200 N St., Suite 120
Lincoln NE 68508-2023, 402-471-3434, 402-471-2083-FAX

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  • Karen Mier says:

    If you want to edit your library’s information, including the number of computers, availability of classes, and WiFi capability, go to partner.connect2compete.org – username: c2c password: literacy – and click on ‘Add Location’ on the left hand side. Also – you can browse our current list and make any edits if you are aware of bad information in the system. (from the FAQs on the everyoneon.org website)

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